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Produce of the Majestic Himalayan Kingdom

Delicately Crafted by Rugged Hands

Made Available in Singapore


Bhutan Whisky K5 Misty Peak
Bhutan Druk Dragon whisky k5
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to Singapore

Established in 2014 and having immersed with Bhutan and its culture,  we have carefully selected premium Bhutanese produces to be distributed the sunny island of Singapore. Our mission is to let our local residences enjoy what Bhutan has to offer and at the same time support the livelihood of the Bhutanese people.

Bhutan - Land of the Thunder Dragon. The last Shangri-la on Earth, nestled amongst the Himalayans, isolated from the rest of the World. The only carbon negative country in the world. Proximately 72 % of Bhutan is forested.It is home to Gangkhar Puensum, one of the highest unclimbed mountain in the world with an elevation of 7,570metres above sea level. Bhutanese treasure their natural environment. Crisp, clean and untouched, waters flowing freely down these Majestic Mountains are one of the best in the world. Amongst those who have been utilising the pureness of the waters into their craft is a hidden, rather undiscovered distillery, the Gelephu Distillery. We all know how important water is in processing and producing great spirits. Undiscovered, until now.

Bhutan Raven vodka whisky


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